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  • Alignment Cube
    Alignment Cube
    The cube is used for aligning the head clamps. Made of nylon with lead lines inserted.
  • Blair Headclamp
    Blair Headclamp
    This new version of the Blair head clamp was designed with the help of Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors. They are lightweight and can be removed from the bucky.
  • Double "L Frame
    Double "L Frame
    Upper Cervical Chiropractors will be impressed with our superbly crafted Double "L" Frame - designed by a chiropractor who knows how to make this essential piece of chiropractic equipment effortless to use, reliable and...
  • Elevating Table
    Elevating Table
    This table is designed to move from 10" to 28" from the floor. It is powered by a smooth electric ram. Table comes with the crank headpiece lift.  Optional remote control available Optional manual headpiece...
  • Gravity Stress Analyzer
    Gravity Stress Analyzer
    The Gravity Stress Analyzer is an advanced postural assessment tool that allows the clinician to create a postural index to objectively assess and quantify postural imbalances. This instrument allows you to inexpensively...
  • Headclamp
    The Head clamp body and arms are made from cast aluminum for strength and light weight. The moving parts are all made from alloy steel. Face mask or glabella bar included.
  • Portable Table
    Portable Table
    This table has a fixed height of 12" from the floor. Table comes with a manual headpiece lift. Approximate weight 55 lbs. Table folds in half for easy transport. Optional nylon carry case.  Note: Comes in...
  • Standard Hip Calipers
    Standard Hip Calipers
    Light weight Easy to use Easy slide arms Level adjust to two positions Can be used with the patient standing or lying down Measurements from less than 1 degree to 35...
  • Stationary Table
    Stationary Table
    This table has a fixed height of 12" from the floor. Table comes with the crank headpiece lift.  Platform is not included. Optional manual headpiece lift.
  • X-Ray Chair
    X-Ray Chair
    The X-Ray Chair runs on a series of linear bearing guides. It has 9" of cross travel, 30" of longitudinal travel and rotates a full 360 degrees. It can be locked in any position and has an adjustable back rest. Electric,...

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